Futura Foods urges Chefs to Keep it Real and answer Consumer Calls for Authenticity with New Yamas! Greek Yogurt

August 2, 2019 10:34 am

Futura Foods, a leading supplier of Mediterranean dairy products in the UK, is launching a new Authentic Greek Yogurt into foodservice. Yamas! 1kg 10% is being launched to help operators cater for the growing consumer demand for provenance on menus* and to ensure that chefs can ‘keep it real’ in kitchens.

The latest addition to the company’s Yamas! brand, supplied via Greek dairy company, Kri Kri S.A, the 10% fat yoghurt is made from 100% Greek milk sourced from local farms in the fertile land of the Strymon Valley in Northern Greece and produced to a traditional strained recipe.

Not only does this result in a superior taste when compared to UK produced ‘Greek-style’ products, but the unique straining process makes it naturally rich in protein, indulgently thick in texture and completely additive-free. Chefs can be assured that the end result not only tastes better – providing the perfect base for a number of dishes, for any time of day. It also offers a vastly superior texture and performance in comparison to Greek-style, helping them keep menus fresh and relevant.

From a consumer standpoint, recent research from MCA shows the desire for authenticity on menus is a growing trend, fast becoming consumer preference^. The beauty of this product is that whilst it is classically Greek, it has the versatility to work across menus, complementing all manner of cuisines and occasions.

Jon Body, National Account Manager – Foodservice at Futura Foods says: “Operators serving less than authentic products will start to feel the pressure from consumers leaning towards more authentic food options on menus. Furthermore, while provenance is high on the agenda, we know that 87% of UK adults^^ also say the healthiness of their food is important to them. Using Authentic Greek Yoghurt is not only great for the quality of the food itself, shouting about its use on menus in dish descriptors could also help lend a more premium price point.

“From the perspective of chefs, we know they are proud people and want to serve the very best and ‘keep it real’ wherever possible, once they try this new product, we are confident they’ll never go back to Greek-style again.”

Yamas! Is the leading Greek/Cypriot dairy brand in Foodservice which signposts quality and provenance.

Yamas! Authentic Greek Yogurt is available now from selected wholesalers in 1kg tubs.