Food service

For the past 20 years the Futura team have dedicated themselves to supplying the highest quality speciality cheeses into the UK and Ireland.   As such, we are now one of the largest UK importers and suppliers of Greek, Cypriot and Italian dairy products.  We source, select and distribute a comprehensive range of dairy products from carefully selected European dairies.  Our Head Office provides full Technical, Marketing and Logistics support as part of our tailored service.

With an established, flexible distribution network, Futura can deliver full or mixed pallets of our products from our dedicated cold store or direct from our partner dairies. Our extensive product selection includes an impressive range of cheeses and dairy products from Greek, Cypriot, Spanish and Northern European Dairies all of which have full BRC accreditation.

For more information, call your customer service advisor on 01666 890500.

Mediterranean Cheese Guide

Protected Designation of origin

Some cheeses have legally protected names linked to their provenance. Certifying the origin of a cheese recognizes it’s Terroir (French) or Tipicita (Italian), acknowledging that the unique character of each traditionally made food is a result of a complex interaction of soil, plant life and climate, combined with traditional production methods and raw materials – a combination that cannot be replicated elsewhere.