Salad cheese cubes 286x240

Salad cheese

The versatile cheese for salads and all types of cooking occasions. Salad cheese is made predominantly from cows milk. This gives a milder flavour than Feta and is suitable for salads, snacking or as a table dessert cheese.

We produce our range of Salad cheeses in our own factories in Denmark, Austria and Romania. Our range is available in vacuum pack, tins, cubes in brine or oil, slices in brine or oil, cubes with olives in oil & bulk block. 

Beyaz Peynir

Beyaz Peynir literally means "White Cheese" in Turkish and is an ingredient frequently used in Turkish cuisine. Originally, herdsmen produced this type of cheese in brine and it is still made from recipes passed down from one generation to the next. 

Beyaz Peynir can be compared to feta, although it has a fresher and rounder taste. Beyaz Peynir is suitable for salads and also as a snack.

Beyaz Peynir 286x240

 Gybna Baida 286x240

Gybna Baida

Gybna Baida is the Arabic name for white cheese in brine. This Danish-produced Gybna Baida has a soft texture and a slightly salty flavour. It is ideal for cooking, especially for baked dishes and as a filling in hot dishes, but also as a fresh ingredient in salads.

In 2008, this cheese was named the world's best cheese in the Feta category. 


Domyati comes from the town of Domyat in northern Egypt. Danish Domyati cheese is very mild with a soft and creamy texture.

In addition to being a tasty cheese in traditional salads, Domyati is also a perfect ingredient in both hot and cold dishes such as soups, vegetable dishes and for snacks. 

 Domyati 286x240