Tapas sticks with grill & BBQ cheese


2 grill & BBQ cheeses
4 tbsp olive oil
2 tbsp of fresh herbs, e.g. basil and chervil
Coarse pepper
Grated peel of half an organic lemon
16 bamboo sprouts

Accompaniments for the tapas plate:
Air-dried ham, chorizo sausage, good olives, grilled peppers, toasted bread with olive tapenade, bruschetta with tomato and garlic.

1. Cut the cheese into 1½ cm wide slices lengthways. Turn the slices and cut them lengthways so that you get eight sticks from each cheese.
2. Stick a skewer through each cheese stick and grill on all sides. Alternatively, you can fry the cheese sticks in a pan in a little oil and put them on the skewers afterwards.
3. Place the skewers on a dish or plates and top with olive oil, chopped herbs, pepper and finely grated lemon peel.
4. Serve immediately as part of a tapas plate.