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2020 Reflection and 2021 Optimism

As we begin 2021 with a fresh mind and focus on new beginnings. We also take time to reflect on 2020 and both its challenges and successes.

Our Managing Director, Hans Christiansen at Futura Foods reflects on the year.

“2020 has been challenging to say it the least and we welcome 2021 with the wish that it will bring some stability and deliver sustainable growth. Whilst we remain hopeful, we do recognise that Covid-19 will stay with us for at least into the first few months of the year.

Looking back at the beginning of 2020 we were full of optimism as we expected Brexit to have no impact on businesses before 2021, therefore we were all set for a good 2020! This was obviously before Covid. If anybody would have warned us at the time of what was to come, we would definitely have been in total disbelief. What was to come was probably the worst up and down yo-yo demand I have ever seen – without a very solid Team in place we would have been entirely shaken by it. With the strengths in our teams and continued teamwork, we managed to dampen the impact!

So, looking ahead, it is not all bad news: we now have signed-up for a deal with the EU which means that we do not have to pass-on tariffs to our customers. On top of that the nation has two new vaccines on the way to clear that pandemic. This combined gives us a good reason to look with some optimism at the New Year (again).

And another positive from 2020, we also added many products to our range: some existing and some new have been developed during 2020 despite the disruptions – just keep a close eye on The Sharing Board to discover the latest!

Happy 2021!”

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