Welcome To FuturaPro

FuturaPro is our new range of core products, manufactured at our new site in North Wales. It offers a convenient ‘one stop’ option, with innovative product solutions for Food Professionals working in the Foodservice industry.

Our FuturaPro range will constantly develop to include more lines and options.

About FuturaPro

A carefully selected range of quality Cheeses packed in cost effective pack sizes, for the professional chef. All of our Cheeses are selected and supplied from our European dairy partner network.

The range of product formats have been designed with the professional chef in mind. The products are of consistent high quality and packaged in convenient sizes to ensure maximum freshness and to reduce product wastage. The range offers products that match what food professionals need in Restaurants, Pubs, Fast Food outlets, Sandwich Bars, Hospitals, Schools, Prisons and Hotels.



Our Products

Each product is specifically tailored to meet the needs of food service professionals. We have selected a range of core formats and sizes that are most convenient for your business.

FuturaPro Products

The quality of the cheese used to create any recipe is crucial to the character and taste of the final offering. Our products are all carefully selected and developed to provide the best possible flavour profile. FuturaPro are driven by the needs of food professionals and we aim to support you to deliver for your customers.

FuturaPro products have the professional support and service back up from the Futura Foods expert team. We are continually creating new dairy products and solutions to meet the requirements of the food professional.



FuturaPro Block & Portions

Cheddar is available in blocks 2.5kg, 5kg & 25kg. Some of the FuturaPro products will soon be available in IQF, with Dairy Free options not far behind. In addition, we can supply in a wide variety of block and portion sizes.

FuturaPro Grated

Grated and shredded Cheddar, Mozzarella mixes & more are available. The most popular option is 2kg and 5kg bags but we can offer multiple options from retail sizes and pack formats to bulk.

FuturaPro Pizza & More

We offer an extensive range of products to meet the needs of pizza suppliers and manufacturers, under our Pizza & More range. Cheddar, Mozzarella , Goats Cheese and European Classics in crumb, cubes, grated, shredded & disks.

FuturaPro Pizza Ropes

New for 2020 from our manufacturing site Futura Foods Wales – Pizza Ropes! Natural and processed Cheese ropes in a variety of sizes and pack options for stuffed crust pizza, a chance to get creative.

FuturaPro Slices

A full range of Cheese slices for sandwiches, burgers & more. 1kg to 3kg are the most popular pack sizes. In addition to the core Cheese, Cheddar and Mozzarella, we can supply European favourites in multiple slice sizes & pack formats and there are Dairy free options too.

FuturaPro Manufactured Solutions

FuturaPro products are made in our own site in Minffordd, North Wales. In our added value cutting, packing and manufacturing facility we produce consistent, high quality, dairy solutions that work effectively.

FuturaPro Manufactured Solutions

Futura Foods Wales is one of the most modern and up to date Cheese processing facilities in the country. We have high speed cutting, grating and slicing lines which produce consistent high quality product. The sites holds BRC AA certification and produces own label and branded products for Foodservice and Retail customers. Our site also has an onsite innovation centre, with a fully equipped NPD facility where we can develop new products and ideas in house, with a fast track development process through to production.



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If you don’t see the product that you are looking for it is possible that we could develop or source a product specifically for you. Want to find out more about how we make it easy to find dairy solutions?


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