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Added Value: Flavours & Toppings

At Futura we are specialists in bespoke Yogurt offerings. Including private label.

We can source flavours, blends and toppings, across a wide variety of formats, fat contents and dietary requirements to meet your NPD needs.

Pack Size: Please Enquire
  • greece
  • vegetarian
  • Greek Yogurt

Asiago PDO

The beauty of this Italian classic is that at different ages, this Cheese has a different texture and taste. It only gets better!

Pack Size: 1.5Kg
  • italy
  • Protected Designation of Origin
  • Blocks & Portions

Breaded Halloumi Fries

Pre-cut Halloumi fries for convenience, coated in breadcrumbs.

Simply deep fry for a delicious appetiser for any menu.

Each fry is approximately 15g weight

Pack Size: 1Kg
  • yamas
  • cyprus
  • iqf
  • vegetarian
  • fries

Brie (Blocks & Portions)

The “Queen of Cheeses”. A mould-rind French cheese with a mild flavour and a soft centre.

Pack Size: 1Kg, 1.5Kg
  • france
  • vegetarian
  • Blocks & Portions

Brie (Slices)

Classic French Brie, already sliced and IQF for convenience and portion control.

Ideal for topping a pizza or putting in a panini.

Sliced weight 15g

Pack Size: 500g, 2.5Kg, 6Kg
  • france
  • iqf
  • vegetarian
  • slices

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