Britain’s Top Sandwich Designer Crowned at the SAMMIES

The 2023 British Sandwich Designer of the Year (SAMMIES) competition concluded with the grand final in London at the start of May.

17 finalists competed across 5 categories producing 25 incredible sandwiches and food to go items on the day in a bid to be crowned Sandwich Designer of the Year 2023!

Futura Foods sponsored the competition with the YAMAS! Feta category. The highly competitive category featured a variety of innovative sandwiches, with the winning entry titled ‘Mountain Feta & Merguez Wrap’ and created by Simon Broadribb from Uptons of Bassett.

Simon’s delicious creation featured merguez, a spicy lamb-based sausage, layered up in a wrap with crumbled feta, whipped feta with Greek yogurt, and freshly chopped coriander, before being pan fried until crispy.

Anna Kristine-Marsh, Product Development Manager for Futura Foods and one of the judges on the day commented: ‘It was a strong competition with the contestants really embracing the versatility of feta. We saw a whole host of innovative twists, ingenious presentation, and delicious concepts across the day. It really showcased the expert knowledge and skills that exist within the industry’.

The outstanding innovation was shown across the feta category from the heats right through to the final. Whipping the feta, which is massively on trend currently, was used frequently but we also saw the feta crumbled, sliced, and served as fingers. Accompanying flavours often included influences from North African & Middle Eastern spices and pastes such as za’atar, dukkah, harissa, and sumac, with many of the contestants choosing to add a touch of sweetness, with honey and pomegranate molasses popular.

Lamb was a popular meaty addition whilst fruit pairings such as peaches and apricots helped lift the feta to new heights. Contestants also utilised a wide range of options for carrier – muffins, bagels, croissants, ciabattas, and focaccia to name but a few.

The award-winning YAMAS! Greek Feta was a fantastic option as the star ingredient for this competition. As well as being ideal for sandwich and food to go options, it is great in salads, pasta, pizza, and paired with vegetables. It crumbles, blitzes, slices, and cooks well whilst still holding its form and is available in a wide range of formats and pack sizes.

The other 4 categories were Mona Dairy Gouda, Gierlinger Smoked Streaky Bacon, H.Smith Sliced Chicken, and VBites Plant-Based Meat Alternatives. Katrina Broadribb, from Lemon & Soul was eventually crowned overall winner after her Smokey Roll won the Gouda category. Her creation wowed the judges by pairing the Gouda with smoked brisket, mushrooms, horseradish, plus a chive and parsley mayo, all served in a homemade spelt roll.

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