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Celebrating all things Vegetarian – YAMAS!

Vegetarian, flexitarian, vegan and free from diets are amongst those trending and on the rise. Consumers are considering their consumption of different foods, their impact on the environment and their health more readily in recent years, with a larger focus on health through the covid-19 pandemic.

As its National Vegetarian Week, we wanted to drop you a little bit of culinary inspiration to celebrate. The YAMAS! cheese range is perfectly placed to bring cheese at the centre of plate, for those that are maintaining a vegetarian diet. That’s right, all of the products in the YAMAS! range are vegetarian friendly. Making them perfect for considering use on a menu or at home with family and friends.

YAMAS! Halloumi is a diverse product for centre of plate greatness. It’s a tri milk cheese with depth of flavour and a high melting point which gives the cheese a springy texture and caramelised surface when heated. Making YAMAS! Halloumi a great meat replacement in more traditional recipes and adds an element of protein to the dish of your choice. Halloumi is great for salads and is brilliant when cooked on the BBQ.

YAMAS! Feta is a PDO product with the potential to wow every cheese lover. We have all seen the recipe that took the TikTok world by storm, effortlessly showcasing this cheese’s versatility. Feta is well known for being a tasty addition to a salad, yet baked Feta is brilliant for cooking in the oven or in foil on the BBQ! Why not try Feta baked with on trend flavour combinations such as harissa and honey or a flavour fusion of tomatoes, chilli and oregano to spread on fresh sourdough or dipping in crudités.

YAMAS! Greek Yogurt makes the most impressive dips and cooling additions to curries and chilli’s, but have you ever thought you could freeze it and make a delicious dessert or brunch option? Greek Yogurt Bark, with berries, seeds and honey, is sure to be a winner and makes a great sharing brunch choice to liven up menu offerings.

Celebrate with us this summer by stocking YAMAS!

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