Double Nomination at the 2023 Quality Food Awards

We are delighted to have two products shortlisted for the 2023 Quality Food Awards.

After winning the Speciality Cheese category in 2022 with our Asda Extra Special Traditional Halloumi, two products launched this year have been selected as finalists. Our YAMAS! Grilling Cheese with Chilli is in the Speciality Cheese category, whilst our Tesco Finest Italian Burrata is a finalist in the Soft Cheese category.

About the Products

YAMAS! Grilling Cheese with Chilli – Speciality Cheese Category

With the introduction of the Halloumi PDO and removal variants with flavoured curds, YAMAS! Grilling Cheese with Chilli offers the iconic squeaky texture with a generous kick of chilli.

Mediterranean Grilling Cheese with Chilli can be fried, grilled, barbecued, or baked until golden and caramelised on the outside, whilst retaining its soft and squeaky interior. The mild savoury flavour of the Mediterranean grilling cheese works perfectly with the kick of the added chilli.

Mediterranean Grilling Cheese with Chilli is ideal as a centre of the plate ingredient. It’s a delicious vegetarian protein alternative that works well in salads, wraps, burgers, and skewers – it’s a superbly versatile cheese.

Tesco Finest Italian Burrata – Soft Cheese Category

Burrata is an indulgent fresh Italian cheese from Puglia. Meaning ‘buttered’ in Italian this cheese certainly lives up to its name. The freshest mozzarella encases a soft centre filled with cream and ribbons of mozzarella.

It’s crafted by a family-owned producer using 100% Italian cow’s milk, collected directly from the farmers. It has a full, creamy aroma and the consistency of very soft mozzarella with a mild, sweet taste.

Burrata is ideal for adding provenance and luxury to elevate dishes. On trend engagement includes serving fresh in the centre of a pizza or for adding another dimension to a salad!

Now in it’s 44th year, the Quality Food Awards, have a reputation for having an extremely stringent, but fair, judging process, selecting only the very best products for awards.

The 2023 winners will be announced during a week of online events in November.

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