Plastic Packaging Reduction, Replacement and Removal

Futura Foods have been working with the major UK retailers and supplying sites to see where we can minimise plastic use and move towards more sustainable packaging. This is an ongoing project but would like to share what we have done so far:

Plastic Reductions:
• We have implemented new Greek Yogurt lids on 500g pots with a 5% reduction. Covering a total 8 lines.

Plastic Replacements:
• We replaced black tubs with a white substrate, enabling the packaging to be easily recycled at home.
• We replaced PVDC barrier layer with EVOH from 3 Feta lines (a much better option for the environment).

Plastic Removal:
• We have removed plastic trays across 12 lines.
• We have removed plastic tape from our sample boxes and replaced with a paper alternative which is fully recyclable.

Things we are working on in 2020:
• Trials are being carried out on mono film (a material that is easier to recycle that multi layer plastics).
• Film gauge reduction trials are being carried out. If successful, this will enable a reduction in total plastic used.
• Further reductions in film thickness
• Removal of plastic over-lids across 3 lines
• Removal of plastic back labels

In order to stay up to date with the latest packaging solutions, Futura Foods have been attending the annual Packaging Innovations show since 2018. It is useful to see the latest innovations in packaging and build relationships with the packaging experts.

If you would like more information around our sustainability goals, or think you may have a solution for our product types, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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