Cheese Board Accompaniments: The Traditional, The Weird and The Wonderful

Do you know what makes a cheese board completely irresistible? When the cheeses are surrounded by beautifully selected accompanying nibbles. When adding a wide selection of accompaniments to your cheeses you quickly develop a range of textures and flavour combinations to be enjoyed.

At Futura Foods we gathered the thoughts from all of our cheese loving employees to bring you their ‘must have’ accompaniments for any good cheese board.

The most popular must have for any cheese board was certainly a tasty chutney or delicious spread. Chutney’s can vary in ingredients to add flavours such as sweet, spicy or tangy.
Must have chutney’s from the Futura gang included seasonal flavours like a festive sweet fig, spiced apple or caramelised onion with chestnuts. Other popular flavours also came out on top, like a simple balsamic caramelised red onion or tangy tomato. Spreads are also welcomed to dollop onto your cheese or spread on your biscuits, some of the favourites here included marmalade, blackcurrant jam, honey (especially on feta) and cranberry sauce.

The next most popular answer to the must have accompaniment question was fruit, which is always a winner with cheese. Fruit gives varied textures and sweetness levels but also can be refreshing and juicy alongside the creamy flavourful nature of cheese. Some traditional suggestions for the Futura team included apple, celery, red grapes and cucumber, all delicious with an assortment of cheeses.

As well as fruit some pickles have scored highly amongst the team as must have nibble. With a special mention to gherkins, pickled onions and pickled mini shallots.

Whilst it’s always expected to enjoy your cheese board alongside a variety of crackers and biscuits for some traditional flavour and texture combinations, Futura favourite alternatives to crackers include a crusty sourdough bread, a soft milk bread or a sweet fruit bread. A nice way of enjoying these with your cheese is with a generous spread of salted butter.  

Amongst the discussions we also discovered our colleagues love to enjoy their cheeses with a variety of weirdly wonderful accompaniments, or at least combinations you may not expect! Crispy coated flavoured peanuts or flavoured tortilla chips with mild tasting creamy or fruity Cheeses. Extra crunchy salted crisps with strong tasting blue Cheese. And maybe the most weirdly wonderful, a spoonful of Nutella on top of a chunk of Cheddar!

The number of flavour combinations and cheese board accompaniment possibilities are endless, so why not try one of the Futura team’s favourites or something different, with your next cheese selection.

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