Meet The Finalists – PAPAs Pizza Chef of the Year

As proud sponsor of the PAPAs Pizza Chef of the Year, we had the difficult task of whittling down the shortlist of entries into those that would make their creation at the live finals.

With 61 entries from chefs across the UK this was no mean feat. We saw pizzas that made our mouths water at just the thought of trying them, through to the weird and wonderful which questioned all that we’d ever considered to be a pizza beforehand!

After much deliberation from the team, we managed to select the top 6 entries that deserved a spot in the final.

So, lets meet the finalists and their pizzas (in alphabetical order):

Base Face – by Tim Thornton of Base Face


IQF Burrata, prosciutto crudo, Berkswell hard cheese, rocket, & balsamic glaze.

Chef’s comment:
“My signature pizza, a fresh and luxurious pizza celebrating the best ingredients.”

What the judges said:
“Very attractive with fantastic crust. Looks like the flavours will be complementary whilst retaining burrata as the main element.”

Milky Volcano – by Vincenzo Cerce of Da Vinci’s Dough

Instagram: @davincisdough

IQF Burrata, fior di latte, pepperoni, asparagus, ‘nduja, & asparagus cream.

What the judges said:
“Great looking pizza, with the toppings complimenting the burrata, and interesting use of asparagus cream.”

Sweet Meats West – by Harshal Patel of Harshal Patel Ltd

Instagram: @harry_pszza

IQF Burrata, hot honey, crushed pistachio, & pepperoni.

Chef’s comment:
“Slice into the burrata just prior to serving and spread across pizza.”

What the judges said:
“Love the use of on-trend hot honey across the pizza, as well as injecting the burrata with it.”

The Cheesy & Onion – by Nicola Jackson-Jones of Two Cents Pizza

Instagram: @twocentspizza

IQF Burrata, onions, mozzarella, cheddar, hot honey, balsamic glaze, chives, & spring onion.

Chef’s comment:
“Part-bake the base for extra crunch.”

What the judges said:
“We like the classic combination of cheese and onion executed in a new way.”

The Nonna – by Chris Glen of The Whisk & Pickle

Instagram: @whisk_and_pickle_pizza_kitchen

IQF Burrata, beef & pork ragu, lemon zest, basil, & parsley.

Chef’s comment:
“Gremolata helps cut through the richness of the ragu and creaminess of the burrata.”

What the judges said:
“Love the big airy crusts, very unique topping that will complement the creamy burrata perfectly.”

The Rocket Ham – by Cameron McFarlane of Bath Pizza Co

Instagram: @bathpizzaco

IQF Burrata, crudo ham, heirloom tomatoes, rocket, garlic oil, & thyme.

Chef’s comment:
“The rocket pesto will be singing with creaminess of the burrata.”

What the judges said:
“Nice crispy looking base and we really like the idea of crispy ham and rocket pesto.”

Find out more about the PAPAs Pizza Chef of the Year final at the I Love Italian Food show here.

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