Fun Feta Facts

As we all know, Feta is the ever popular Greek cheese with a distinctly salty and creamy taste, with a perfectly crumbly texture.

But do you know these fun facts about this wonderful Greek delight:

• Feta (φέτα) in Greek, means slice.

• Feta is produced typically with sheep and goat milk; the maximum amount of goat milk that can be used is 30%.

• The milk collected for Feta must only be collected from certain geographical areas in Greece.

• The UK alone, eats over 12,000 tonnes of Feta per year, that’s a lot of cheese.

There’s no wonder we love Feta so much!

How about trying something different this summer…

Place a 200g slice of Feta on a large piece of lightly greased tin foil. Add in some fresh cherry tomatoes (on the vine preferably) on top of or around the Feta, sprinkle with chilli flakes (to taste) and pour over a little more oil (not too much). Fold the foil around the ingredients like a parcel, and bake in a pre-heated oven (2000C or equivalent) for 10 minutes or even better put your foil parcel on the BBQ for 6-10 mins.

If you don’t like tomatoes or chilli you can try with peppers or herbs! Be creative and create your very own baked Feta dish!

Always remove your bake with care and enjoy!

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