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For over 25 years, we have been bringing the finest cheese and dairy products from the Mediterranean to the UK. Whether that be retail packs of Cypriot Halloumi for consumers to recreate a taste of their holidays, Greek Yogurt for foodservice professionals to create dips and sauces for their menus, or creamy Italian Mozzarella Pearls for food manufacturers to top their pizzas with.

With a strong portfolio and dairy partnership networks throughout Europe, we are abreast of consumer and customer trends and constantly looking at product development to meet the needs of our markets.  Whether that be new flavours, formats, or totally new products, our in-country experts and UK based teams have the knowledge and technical capabilities to deliver solutions for our customers.

Read on to discover more about our range of award-winning cheese and dairy products, sourced from across continental Europe.

Greek & Cypriot

YAMAS! is the market leading brand for Greek & Cypriot cheese in the UK (Source: Nielsen, Speciality Cheese Ingredients, Volume Sales, 52 W/E 30/07/22). The range features authentic products with Greek & Cypriot provenance, including PDO certified lines.

YAMAS! has bought Feta, Halloumi and Greek Yogurt in various formats to retail, foodservice, and food manufacturing customers for the past decade

The YAMAS! range extends further with flavoured and reduced fat versions, including Greek Salad Cheese and Grilling Cheese, as well as elevated offerings such as Organic Feta & Halloumi cheeses for the more conscious consumer.

YAMAS! boasts a multi-award-winning range, recently picking up four awards at the 2022 International Cheese and Dairy Awards (ICDA), including YAMAS! Halloumi being crowned the overall best cooking cheese.

See more about YAMAS! here.


Italian cheese is a staple part of Italian cuisine and a key component of many of the most famous Italian dishes. Italian cuisine remains as popular as ever in the UK and so does Italian cheese – did you know that over 150,000 wheels of Parmigiano Reggiano were consumed by the British in 2021?!

We supply a comprehensive range of Italian cheese including the most familiar options like Parmigiano Reggiano, Grana Padano, Mozzarella, and the hugely on-trend Burrata. Our mozzarella and burrata are available in both fresh and IQF formats, which dramatically extends the shelf life by up to one year rather than the typically short standard shelf life. IQF formats are perfect for reducing food waste in foodservice and manufacturing environments.

Additionally, our knowledge allows us to supply some emerging options that are less well known in the UK. Provolone Valpadana DOP, a recent SAMMIES award finalist, Asiago, available in fresh and aged varieties, and Ubriaco, soaked in red wine and known as The Drunken Cheese, are among some of the exciting items we can help add to your portfolio.

RAGAZZI! is the newest member of the Futura family. It is a range of authentic PDO & premium Italian cheeses in consumer formats and sizes, positioned perfectly for convenience retailers with a striking appearance that won a design award at the 2022 ICDA.

The range includes Parmigiano Reggiano in both wedge and grated formats, a creamy Mozzarella Ball and bite-sized Mozzarella Pearls, as well as a classic Hard Cheese Shaker.

See our full Italian range here.

White Cheese

As part of the Nordex Food group we have shared expertise in white cheese products. With 3 European manufacturing sites and nearly 40 years of experience, traditional white cheeses such as Salad Cheese, as well as heat and eat cheeses such as Grilling Cheese and Paneer are available in various formats and sizes.

Param Paneer is a vegetarian favourite and the go-to brand within foodservice and retail. Available in various sizes, a versatile cooking cheese that is great at absorbing flavour and adding protein to any dish.

See our full range of white cheese here.

Spanish & French

Our reach spreads further west along the Mediterranean coast with some of the finest French and Spanish cheeses available in our range.

Spanish Goats’ Cheese is available both as mould ripened and without a rind, and as whole logs or in convenient ready to use formats such as slices and cubes. Fresh & IQF. Also, the classic Manchego offers a buttery yet firm sheep’s milk option and is perfect for tapas.

From France, we offer an award-winning Brie, that was recently crowned best French cheese at the 2022 ICDA, as well as brie in various other functional formats fresh and IQF such as portions and slices.

Soft and creamy Camembert, another traditional French favourite, is also available including in oven-ready packaging for ease and convenience in professional kitchens.

Discover our range of Spanish and French classics here.

If you’re interested in any of our existing continental cheeses from our range or want help to source a specialist item, then get in touch with our expert team today.

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