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Greek Yogurt, the versatile ingredient you didn’t know you needed!

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YAMAS! is a brand of authenticity and provenance, which celebrates the best in quality and taste. Our YAMAS! Greek yogurt is a perfect example of this. It’s thick & indulgently creamy, made in Greece following the traditional process using the best milk!
Did you know that in Greece they traditionally strain their yogurt several times, to remove the whey and give the yogurt its distinct thickness? The process is called ‘straggisto’. This process strives to harness the benefits of the live cultures and natural ingredients to make the yogurt as delectable and beneficial to consumers health as possible. Greek yogurt is not only strained for thickness, it is also naturally low in sugar, a natural source of protein and contains live cultures for a healthy gut.

Curious about how to use Greek yogurt in your everyday menu or meals? We asked the team at Futura to provide their favourite uses.

A common use amongst the team was pairing Greek yogurt with fresh fruit, honey or granola for a filling start to their day. Overnight oats was also popular, when used with fresh or frozen fruit, flaked almonds, honey and almond milk. Sometimes the team liked to top their bowls with the best vitamin boosting seeds in the morning, like omega 6 rich seeds such as pumpkin, sunflower, golden linseed & hemp, as a total healthy balanced start to the day.

There is also a love for mixing Greek yogurt with the on-trend ingredient – nut butter. Whether you have peanut butter, almond butter or cashew butter from a jar or you’ve made it yourself, it’s an energising start to the day and is also great as an evening treat.

Greek yogurt is also exceptionally versatile for cooking, due to its thick and creamy texture. It can act as a flavour carrier, so adding in your favourite spice combination and using it to marinade meat before a BBQ or boosting texture in a curry, is a must!

Why not try something a little bit different – like blending with Blue cheese.
If you mix Greek yogurt with other ingredients such as blue cheeses like Roquefort, Stilton or St Agur, until soft. This is then a versatile mixture, great for spreading on sandwiches, crackers or dolloped on top of a baked potato.  

As Greek yogurt is lower in fat than mayonnaise, it is also used by the Futura team as a lighter option for dips, potato salads and coleslaw. And at Futura we enjoy flavour, so have it swirled with harissa or sweet chilli for an easy dip with toasted pittas or crudités.

Greek yogurt makes delicious dressings with mint and lime or garlic and cucumber, for example, which is perfect drizzled over some smoked chicken or salmon and pomegranate couscous.

Greek yogurt can also be used in desserts. Mix with frozen berries and a little icing sugar to make a healthier and super easy filling for a sponge cake. Or it can be used as an ingredient in cake batter, great for extra tasty pancakes!
However, if you want something more decadent, one of the trained chefs in our team suggested Greek yogurt fits perfectly as an ingredient in a panna cotta with white chocolate and raspberry compote.

Hopefully the Futura team have inspired you, why not give one of our suggestions a try and let us know how you get on.

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