Khachapuri, a truly cheesy sensation

Have you ever heard of Khachapuri? One of our Senior National Account Managers has and as you can see in the images, the results were a stretchy cheese wonder.

Khachapuri is a traditional Georgian dish that uses unleavened bread as a bowl that is filled with the wonders of a cheese and eggs mixture. Khachapuri is a combination of two Georgian words: khacho, meaning cheese curds, and puri, meaning bread.

This delightful yet traditional meal contains a cheese mixture to die for, shredded Mozzarella for that gooey cheese stretch, Feta for a flavourful depth to the mixture and Ricotta for a creamy edge. But that’s not all, this mixture is sometimes coupled with baked eggs adding those wonderful rich & runny yolks to the cheesy centre. To top it off, a generous dollop of butter added once just out of the oven, melting onto the cheese mixture and mixed in.

This dish has been around for such a long time that the actual origins and original recipe are unclear, instead there are countless recipes with a number of different ways and shapes in which to make this dish. Therefore a number of different cheese mixtures exist. Georgia, a country on the boarder of Eastern Europe and Asia, takes influence from the surrounding areas for the intensely cheesy centre. 

In Georgia this dish is made and served on the 7th of January, the Orthodox Christmas, so is usually known as ‘Christmas Pie’. However because of its indulgent nature, we think Khachapuri is ideal for pizza night served with a light salad and your favourite wine, or as a sharing brunch with family and friends. Either way, it’s something to impress your guests with!

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