Paneer, Not Just for Curry

Our Param Paneer is a versatile cooking cheese that packs a protein punch. Absorbing flavour, this cheese is perfect for many tasty dishes. As big believers of adaptability in our products we know that Paneer could be a game changer for menus and at home cooking.

Our Marketing Executive, Gina, challenged herself to make a Paneer dish ready to serve at a BBQ!

The result was a real crowd pleaser; Tikka Masala Paneer Skewers, what a treat!

The Paneer was cut into rough cubes and stacked on skewers alongside peppers of all colours, red onion and cherry tomatoes. The skewers were then generously brushed, on all sides, with a paste made from tikka masala curry paste, garlic granules, and a little olive oil. Ready for the BBQ, they were put on for a few minutes until the vegetables softened and the Paneer looked cooked.

Definitely not a traditional or expected way to use Paneer, yet a great vegetarian or hallal option to be enjoyed by many this summer.
Serve with side salad and a creamy dip or a flat bread, for something a little different this BBQ season.  

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