Predicted Rising Food Trends for 2021 and 2022

Covid-19 has made things a little different in 2020, it has shaped the way consumers behave and influenced their choices and how shopping is conducted. A recent release of information by thefoodpeople shows there are new and rising trends afoot and for 2021 and 2022.

The Mini Splurge: Consumers are cutting back on big blow outs and finding little ways to upgrade everyday rituals. Making smaller occasions special!

Comfort: This is important for both cooking and eating. Baking, a largely increased hobby during the pandemic, continues to be the hobby of choice. That paired with the comeback of carbs and food choices definitely steer towards indulgent comfort. There’s a real urge to be cosy and comfortable, like wearing your favourite slippers and cardigans at home waiting for your slow cooked roast and freshly baked cookies.

Thrift Rules: For cost and environmental reasons, throw away culture diminishes and the up rise of upcycling leftovers and surplus foods into new products is happening. Consumers are discovering staples in the pantry and making strides to reduce food waste at home i.e. home grown veg and leftovers for breakfast.

Home Delivery: It’s a revolution claimed by the pandemic. Restaurants are turning to ghost kitchens and delivery only concepts. Consumers want everything delivered to their door fast, groceries, meal kits, cocktails, breakfast, lunch, snacks … it’s endless.

Fired Up: A trend of experimentation with fire cooking. Like layering fire flavours, embracing the global grill techniques and even fire cooking deserts. Did someone say outdoor pizzas?

The Power of the Gut: Gut health has been a hot topic for a long while. Around 70% of the body’s immune cells and 90% of serotonin are found in your gut. Your gut may just hold the key to holistic wellbeing.

Alfresco Cooking & Dining: Consumers are appreciating the outdoors and spending time there, therefore spending time at barbeques, picnics and garden parties. This is also true to restaurants creating engaging outdoor spaces to enhance consumer experience.

Frozen: Using frozen options provides consumers with some of the aspects they are concerned about, health, taste and budget friendly foods. With more forward planning meals and batch cooking, freezers are being utilised well in the home.

Headspace: Consumers are looking for practical ways to aid sleep, reduce anxiety and continue on the journey to good mental health. Solutions include yoga, meditation, CBD and natural remedies, vitamins and minerals, to improve the body’s natural resistance to stress.

Love Your Veg: General attitudes to plant based foods are evolving and its moving more into the mainstream than ever before. Consumers are seeking meals that hero vegetables and ingredients lists that are short and natural.

These trends have been heavily shaped and moulded by the pandemic and there is a great chance they will influence the products we provide from our suppliers. 2021 and 2022 are set to be very exciting times for us as Mediterranean dairy specialists, customers we work with finding new and exciting products to fulfil their customer’s ideas and needs, and consumers who get to try new and exciting ways of cooking and eating wonderful food. 

Source: thefoodpeople

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